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Webster Chiropractic - What Is It?

7th May, 2023.


“Can pregnant mothers receive Chiropractic care?” is surprisingly quite common a question here in Malaysia. The answer is affirmative - we provide care and guidance for expecting mothers at any point in their pregnancies. Encouraging this is essential, as it has been shown to contribute to an improved quality of life and may even facilitate a smoother and positive birthing process for the mother.

Dr Cheng and Dr Derek has had the opportunity to work and learn from world renowned Chiropractors specialised in pregnancy and paediatrics during their time in the United-Kingdom and are back here in Setia Alam to share a glimpse of their knowledge with you today;

Let’s start with the basics. When falling pregnant, an expecting mother will not only be met with a bundle of joy 10 months later but will also face tremendous physical changes throughout those months; their body needs to stretch and mould in such a manner to create space for the baby inside their tummy. This change is mainly facilitated by the hormone relaxin whose job, as you can surmise, is to relax connective tissues allowing for the body to expand. While inherently useful for the mother, a common side effect of that relaxation in the body causes shifts in centre of gravity and overloading of joints which can lead to pain and discomfort (see attached video below).

The most common complaints resulting that imbalance for pregnant mothers tend to include low back pain, sciatica, pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or pubic symphysis dysfunction (SPD) amongst much more other symptoms. As such we, Chiropractors of Health Hub Chiropractic, aim to help mothers transition smoothly along their pregnancy terms and allow them to have a calmer and pain free journey to their delivery. Dr Cheng, being Webster certified adds an additional layer of expertise to the treatment of pregnant ladies as she has already done with her many years of experience working with this population group in the United-Kingdom.

How does the Webster Technique benefit pregnant mothers and/or babies?

The Webster technique is one primarily linked to the pelvis and lower abdomen since it is where the ‘new tenant’ is primarily residing. As such it is expected that the source of multiple pregnancy related musculoskeletal pain would originate from there.

As a pregnant lady progresses along her pregnancy, physiological changes starts to happen as her body tries to adapt and create more space to accommodate for the baby’s growth. However it is not always without issues as the uterus, pelvic floor and other connective tissues surrounding the womb don’t always sync and ultimately can cause restrictions. This can be felt by the mother in the form of discomfort or pain (as mentioned at the start) and can even be felt by the baby inside as the uterine walls surrounding them starts to tighten and prevent their freedom of movement.

Improving and encouraging the right balance within the pelvis causes a chain reaction through the whole body affecting the muscles, ligaments and joints in a positive manner; we make use of gentle Chiropractic adjustments technique unique to the Webster protocol to provide relief to mothers and enabling for a better environment for the baby to thrive and prepare to come out to the world.

!! DISCLAIMER - we do not turn breech babies or treat any fetal malposition.

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