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22nd May, 2023.

In today’s world of technology, we spend so much more time on our screens. Phone, TV, Tablet, Phablet, Monitor and laptop screens, all are designed to glue you to them from dusk till dawn. Unfortunately our body is not built to handle its consequences on the long term and that can cause severe pain to our neck and shoulders if left unchecked.

The changes we displayed above are the most common and dramatic ones. You can see in the picture how the head of the individual has translated forward causing an increase in curvature of the neck along with a prominent hump at the top of the back (see arrow). This change does not only look unpleasant but can feel unpleasant too as the pressure of the head can go as far as to get multiplied by five. The additional increase in pressure on the bones and muscles of the neck and shoulders then become the cause of discomfort, strain and pain over time.

In many cases, bad posture of the neck and shoulder can lead to numerous issues;

  1. Neck sprain/strain
  2. Cervicogenic Headache (Recurring headaches originating from the neck)
  3. Shoulder Impingement/ Frozen Shoulder
  4. Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  5. Cervical slipped discs
  6. Neuropathies (Numbness, Tingling, Pain in the arms and hands)

As such we believe that a good posture is essential to keeping your spine and joints as healthy as it can be and being aware of what daily activities are contributing to your issue and how to correct them are essential! At Health Hub Chiropractic and Wellness, we can help reduce and get rid of your pains and aches but we can also guide you through what YOU can do to help yourself and prevent your issue from coming back.

Read more about how to improve your posture .







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